Failed email addresses

I have not heard from the following members, as such these members must be removed from our database to comply with the new GDPR. The following members have now been removed from our database as their email address does not accept emails. If you are unable to log on or you feel you have been removed in error please email me HERE


Bruce Harris (Removed) John Barker (Removed)
Bryan Thornton (Removed) John Broadbent (Removed)
Charles Harris (Removed) John Clements (Removed)
Chris Whitehouse (Removed) John Lock (Removed)
Colin Bell (Removed) John Williams (Removed)
Colin Earle (Removed) John Wilson (Removed)
Dan Elgie (Removed) Joseph Forrest (Removed)
Daniel Erridge (Removed) Keith Dallaway (Removed)
David Crabb (Removed) Kenneth Anderson (Removed)
Dennis Rigley (Removed) Kenneth McDonald (Removed)
Desmond Hill (Removed) Laurence Speck (Removed)
Don Anderson (Removed) Malcolm Wakefield (Removed)
Doug O’Farrell (Removed) Mark Fowler (Removed)
Dudley McDonald (Removed) Michael Fowler (Removed)
Fred Abraham (Removed) Mike Barker (Removed)
Geoffrey Dalton (Removed) Richard Collins (Removed)
George Radcliffe (Removed) Nigel Jones (Removed)
George Sangster (Removed) Polly Parkins (Removed)
George Tulloch (Removed) Robert Goss (Removed)
George Underwood (Removed) Robert Johnston (Removed)
Gerry Stocker (Removed) Robin Dann (Removed)
Graham Chatwood (Removed) Robin Freeman (Removed)
Graham Hill (Removed) Roy Musson (Removed)
Harold Ravenscroft (Removed) Stuart McClellan (Removed)
Jack Knight (Removed) Tim Cooper (Removed)
James Ward (Removed) Wayne Grahame (Removed)
Stuart Cunningham (Removed) Willem Gradidge (Removed)
John Abbott (Removed)
John Cross (Removed)