Articles of the Association


The title of the Association shall be the HMS Dido Association


The aims and objects of the Association shall be:

a)    To bring together in mutual friendship those who served in H.M.S. Dido

b)    To assist each other through fellowship and with the support of the committee

c)   To keep members in contact with each other by means of the website (, unless otherwise agreed with members with no internet access.
Have meetings and to keep a membership list regularly updated with changes of address.

d)   To protect privacy of members and not disclose any personal details without prior consent.

e)    To establish and maintain links with other Royal Navy Ships Associations and other  suitable organisations.



Membership shall be open to:

a)     Any person who served in H.M.S. Dido or is the Son, Daughter or Close Relative of the former and will maintain the name of the association with honour, and has paid the membership fee (currently £12.00 per annum) and been issued with a unique membership number.


a)    Any person who served or serving in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines and will maintain the name and aims and objects of the Association with honour. Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee and Associate members will not have the right to hold a   Committee Office or vote in Association matters.

MEMBERSHIP (Website member)

a)     Any person who served or is serving in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines and would like to join the Association, but must have some “connection” to, HMS Dido, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, or is family or friend of someone who falls within said criteria. Membership will be granted/approved by the Secretary after due diligence has been carried out on the applicant. A website member will be granted restricted access to the website, access to Association documents and members details will not be granted.



a)      The financial year shall be from July 1st to June 30th each year

b)      The rate of annual subscription shall be determined each year at the A.G.M. and shall  take effect from the 1st of July of the following year.

c)      The annual subscription shall fall due on the 1st of July, (or at the annual reunion). Any new member joining during  April, May or June shall have their membership waived until the  following July 1st, (or Annual reunion)

d)     Any member whose subscription has not been renewed by August 31st shall be deemed to be a lapsed member and shall receive no further communications from the Association.

e)      Any member who has been deemed a lapsed member, shall after a second year, be notified by letter from the membership secretary that their membership has been terminated. Their membership number will be revoked and membership details will be deleted.



The Officers of the Association shall be:

a)    President who shall be elected by the committee and can be any one deemed fit to represent the association. Term decided by  the committee.

b)     CHAIRMAN who shall be elected by Members. He shall act as the senior member of the Committee, delegating and supporting committee members as is seen fit to keep the good name of the Association, and shall have the casting vote in the event of parity in voting. 3 year term

c)   VICE CHAIRMAN who shall be elected by the committee and must be a standing committee member. He will be required to stand in for the Chairman when and if the need arises. At other times he will assist in the running of the Association. 2 year term

d)       SECRETARY who shall be elected by the members and be responsible for the dealing with the official correspondence of  the Association. In association with the Chairman he will convene meetings, issue notices of such meetings, produce the agenda, keep and issue true records of all meetings. 3 year term

e)    ASSISTANT SECRETARY. Who shall be elected by the committee and is  to assist the Secretary in any way he can. To also take on the role of Public Relations Officer. To contact TV, Radio and other forms of media to advertise future reunions. 2 year term

f)     TREASURER Who shall be elected by the committee and be responsible for the finances of the Association, he shall present an Annual Statement of accounts.  2 year term

g)      MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Who shall be elected by the committee and be responsible for the maintenance of a list of  members, regular notices of change of member’s details such as change of address etc. 2 year term

h)       NEWSLETTER EDITOR Who shall be elected by the committee and  shall be responsible for the content and issue of the  Association Newsletter on a regular basis. 2 year term

i)      WELFARE Who shall be elected by the committee and to have a sympathetic ear to the needs of the members of the Association and to liaise when and where necessary with such organisations as S.S.A.F.A (Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Families Association),  KGFS (King George’s Fund for Sailors),  Royal British Legion and any other organisation or agency available to help members in need. 2 year term.

j)      If the need arises, the membership will be asked for a volunteer to carry out a specific task. The qualifying member will be given a target date for the task to be completed within the Association year. If the task is to take longer than this or to continue through the year end, the qualifying member will be asked if he wishes to stand for inclusion on the committee, and as such a recommendation will be made to the membership during the next AGM..


k)     Officers of the association can accept more than one post if agreed but will not affect their voting rights.  Officers will be elected by members at the AGM and shall serve for a period determined  by  their role. If an Officer wishes to resign his office, he will submit his notice of intent to the senior Officer, so a replacement can be elected in time for a hand-over before the date of resignation.



a)      An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held during the course of a reunion weekend, whenever possible. Chaired by the Chairman, or by his deputy, and accompanied on a top table with the available committee.
b)      Minutes will be taken by a non-committee member away from the top table.

c)      If the AGM is not held during a reunion weekend, a suitable time, date and venue will be announced in plenty of time to give members time to arrange attendance.
d)     An agenda will be raised; members will be invited to include items on the agenda within 3 months in advance of the AGM.

Items to include:-

i.            Acceptance of previous minutes

ii.           Apologies

iii.          Members Crossed the Bar

iv.           Committee reports

v.            Committee members retiring, followed by the nominating and seconding of replacements if required.

vi.           Venue for next Reunion

vii.          New Items raised by request prior to the reunion.


e)      If a vote is required on any item discussed, the “for” vote, “against” vote and any abstentions will be recorded. A proposer and seconder will be required.

f)       The final item on the agenda will be Any Other Business(AOB),    any item raised during AOB will be debated and if deemed necessary will be noted for inclusion In a future meeting. No voting or proposing should be taken during AOB.