2019 Meet-up

On Friday 22nd September a group of us made a Beeline for Croft Water Park, Tewksbury.

Steve & Louise Hawkshaw arrived towing their caravan, Alan & Trisha Pickthorne arrived in their Campavan towing a caravan, Colin & Deanna Bates in their Motorhome. The other side of the lake, Kevin & Lorraine Morris, Dave & Denise Eivers arrived and moved into their respective Pods (wooden tents with bunk beds and nothing more!!!), Andy Manson arrived with his family and moved into a lodge, at least the lodge had a fridge and microwave, but no cups/mugs!!!.

Friday night we all met up at the café/bar for food and drink, and watched the sunset over the Lake.

Saturday morning, after a late breakfast, after a quick committee meeting, we decided to make our way in various vehicles to Tewksbury Abbey. When we arrived, we found Louise Hawshaw  sitting on her mobility scooter, with all around her checking bags, boxes, on the floor, in the car boot and anywhere else they could think of, looking for the keys to her scooter. 10 minutes later the scooter was folded and returned to the car boot!! We then made our way to the Abbey where we started with afternoon tea at the Touching soles Tea room, and then made our way around the Abbey. A small graveyard full of Shakespeare’s descendants was found by Kevin. We then looked around the local shops before making our way to Aldi for supplies. Saturday evening, we all donated to the food, and drink and had a very enjoyable evening. The evening closed around 21:30, we all made our way to our respective accommodation with the promise of meeting the following day before departure.

On the whole, the weather was perfect, the site was good , and it was agreed we all had a fantastic weekend with the promise of doing it all again.

Alan had already started looking for our next  exped.

Colin Bates

Joined 1967, discharged 1979 timex Joined Dido 71 - 73 Founded Dido Association 2004